Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our New Blog

Hey everyone!!!! i know it's been such a long time since I've blogged last and a lot has happened, but you will have to go to our new blog!!!!!!! The web address is

Pass on our new blog address!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Little Diva!!!!

Don't gasp everyone!!! I'm blogging again!!!!! These are just some random pictures I've taken in the last week to show you what our life is like these days. Jenna loves playing with her daddy!!!! She is ultra ticklish!!!

She couldn't choose just one ball, so she decided to play with both balls....and how about we try to do a somersault while holding them both!!!!

These days we have church starting at 11:30 so we have a little more time to kill on Sunday mornings.....thus we have a little more goofy time together...Jenna took the ponytails out of my hair that morning and decided she wanted me to put them in hers....then she kept finding more and more and asking me to put them here's the end result:

What a goofy little girl!!!!!

.....But then...our little goofball turned into a beautiful princess....I gave her a bath and decided to see if her hair was getting any longer....and guess what???? it finally fits in pigtails!!!!! Not perfectly, but it's definitely getting somewhere!!!!! Aren't her pigtails adorable??????

....and what a little diva we have....we put on her pajamas and she decided that it was time to watch a little TV with her shades on....not that it was dark or anything!!!!! It was so crazy cute I had to take a picture!!!!! And then she had to take notes on her TV show too!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tinkerbell & Daddy

For all you seeing this: this little girl is a love machine. She carries some kind of wrapped in a blanket....hugging and kissing it constantly.
And not to mention she LOVES her Daddy too....watching TV.
And just loving him to love him

And here's my new favorite picture ever!!!!!!!

My two angels!!!!!!! I am so blessed!!!!!!

Sledding is "snow" much fun!!!!!

Here are some pictures from a couple weeks ago when we actually had snow left...Jill gave Jenna this inflatable sled for Christmas and she loves being pulled around in it...snow or no snow.

Our little girl is so cute....but we are definitely a little biased....her big smile just melts our hearts.

Here's some Daddy-daughter time out in the snow!!!!!! Daddy sure does love that Jenna loves being outside so much....his little tom-boy...whatever... :)

And these are just me messing around with my new Christmas present....yep a camera....
Nikon D5000....definitely not a professional yet....but it sure is nice to have a nice piece of equipment to help me feel good :)
Daddy's and Jenna's feet are such different sizes I just had to take a picture!!!!!

A Quick Update!!!

So, everyone!!! It's been a while since I posted anything, but here's a short update for what happened in our family in 2010!!!!
First, James and I went to Twin Falls for Derek & Molly Bedke's wedding on December 16th, following which we flew to Las Vegas for Quinn & Brittany's on the 18th. We had a blast....left the 2 year old with Grandma Forsberg and enjoyed some time with just the two of us!!!
One more place to check off my "Been There" list:

Once we got back, it was all Christmas much to
little time before the big holiday!!!
I guess it's a good thing that Santa had his little helper!!!! It was awesome that Jenna didn't cry this year, considering her close relationship with the man in the red suit!!! :)
Christmas morning was a ton of fun. Jenna loved all her presents.....but she did get tired of opening so many and not getting to play with everything!!!! Santa brought her a new cradle for her baby dolls and a new big girl bed with Tinkerbell bedding!!!!!
(Do notice her Tinkerbell PJ pants that Mommy made....and made some for mommy too!!!!!)
Once the Christmas celebrations were done, James and I started packing for our 3rd Anniversary getaway!!! That's right, 3 years already!!!! We just can't believe it....sometimes it feels like it's been forever, but mostly it's just flown by!!!!
The two of us took some snowmobiles, some sleeping bags, extra clothes and food and made our way to Reecer Creek (in the mountains above Ellensburg) to stay in a cabin that we rented up there. Isn't it just beautiful with all that snow????
And then.......our anniversary getaway turned into an 11-year old scout outing!!!!!! That's right, Leon and 12 other scouts and adult leaders came up to the cabin and stayed the night with us there....I was the only girl with all these boys!!!!!!

After all the excitement of the snowmobile trip, we had one day to
get back to things before the party began again!!!!!!!!!!
New Year's Eve was pretty fun too!!!!!!! We went over to Anne and Kalvin's house for Chico's pizza and playing games. Jenna especially loved the PS2 Just Dance part of the night!!!!! We were all entertained just watching her move in ways that none of us thought she'd ever be able to....due to the fact that neither one of her parents have any rhythm or dance abilites at all.... (Lori, Mckenzie, and Danielle: maybe there is some hope for her to have dancing talents!!!)

After all the dancing, James blew up some fireworks outside as we rang in the New Year with a BANG!!!!!!! At least there was no fire involved with these fireworks :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Baby news!!!!!!

Oh yeah everyone!!!!! I forgot......for anyone who might not know yet....I'm pregnant.....20 weeks...due March 24th.....and today......we found out that we're having a............

Yep, that's right....another James is on his way to this world.....I know....some of you are going.....oh great!!!! I'm actually pretty excited!!!!! It's going to be fun....and I love that there's going to be another one of my lovely men in this world!!!!!!

A Very Baker Halloween!!

Here's Jenna actually working on carving her own pumpkin.....or at least taking all the nasty stuff out of the middle....she actually really liked that part....kind of funny watching her take it out and put it in the bucket

and the finished products!!!!!! (Jenna, Mommy & Daddy top to bottom)

Halloween Night!!!! (well the night before actually....because of the whole halloween on Sunday thing!!!!)

Halloween was so much fun for all of us this year!!!! I was a little nervous about taking Jenna outside in the cold due to the fact that she just had pneumonia for the 2nd time in six months...but we didn't stay out too long...just went to the 5th ward Halloween party "witch" was absolutely awesome!!!!! We had a lot of fun...we decorated a table of our own....and thanks to Lorraine for manning it for us!!!!! :) We came home for waaaaaaaayyyy too much candy for just Jenna so I guess it worked out that she has a pregnant mommy and candy-loving daddy who could help her out with that!!! :)